Week 9 – Craving Stillness, Finding Deeper Clarity

A few things happened this week that I allowed myself to become stress out by. So I definitely had a number of re-starts, and failed in not giving my opinion. One ‘reason’ (or excuse?) was getting notified that s.mart meters will be installed in our  densely populated community. I don’t like that, as I feel my freedom (from radiation in this case) is impinged upon. At least with microwave ovens, I can choose to have and use one or not; with s.mart meters, not so much. Everyone around us will have them too, even though we will do all we can to have a meter installed that is ‘non-communicating’.file2871273526205

I was deeply inspired and challenged, as usual, by this week’s words, and especially these, which I desire to live by….definitely a work in progress.

9-30 If our predominant mental attitude is one of power, courage, kindliness and sympathy, we shall find that our environment will reflect conditions in correspondence with these thoughts; if it is weak, critical, envious and destructive, we shall find our environment reflecting conditions corresponding to these thoughts.

Perhaps because of that, and my passion for living a certain way, this week’s readings and exercises became more precious and special to me, and I probably haven’t put as much emotion into reading and writing them as I have this week. I also feel that this week, they have given me a deeper comfort, inspiration, clarity and commitment to my desires and my definite major purpose, which feels very good. Some people would call this contrast, and though I wouldn’t choose it I am also thankful for it – this is quite the turnaround for me. It truly has been a great reminder and flashlight into the kind of life I wish to live and create for myself. Perhaps that’s why I have also started to recite my DMP in the car. I didn’t realize it, but the words of at least my first paragraph are etching themselves deeper in my heart, like a brand on a cow. It feels at times painful but more than that, freeing and the clarity it brings is a beautiful gift as well. I have also chiseled a little at my wording of it, replacing just a few words here and there that just feel better to me, in my heart. This too has been a great gift.

Reducing stress and focusing my energy and mind on my desires is far healthier and effective than getting upset about a not-so-s.mart meter.

On a separate note, I am starting to see in my life – even in small yet important ways –

1) how the truths we are learning appear as examples for me.

2) how much I desire to live from within, to listen to my heart and follow it – not anything external.

For instance, this week I finally created my Christmas/holiday cards, both for friends and family and my business. I had been envisioning the picture I was going to use for it for a few weeks and when I found it in my stash of 20,000 photos (I really need to weed them out, even online), along with the design, I knew the words I’d use to go along with it – they just flowed out of my heart. That felt just so good….

Another example is – since about Labor Day – I had in certain moments been dreaming _DSC3975and envisioning, deep in my heart, staying home for Thanksgiving this year, rather than spending it with family in a nearby state. I was dreaming of a quiet Thanksgiving, because I am craving stillness lately, and that we could spend a day on Friday doing anything we want. And miraculously, that’s exactly what happened. A quiet day followed by a sweet Friday, doing whatever we’d like. This hasn’t always been easy or even possible (I’m a recovering people pleaser, that’s for sure!) – doing what we like and desire, following our own inner compass, rather than doing something to please other people, even family.

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving too!

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