Week 7 – Visualizing the positive

So we’re already in week 7 and the Master Key is helping me refine my vision of my life. Trouble is, right now I am worried about my dear elderly mom, who lives alone in Germany and who most likely has a kidney infection that she was just a bladder infection.

She’s been there for over a decade and I have worried about her before but today it’s harder because she said she was too weak to see a doctor but, true to her very independent nature, did not want me to send one over to her.

So now it’s the near the usual end of my evening but tonight I am struggling badly with anxiety; so much it’s hard to envision anything or read much of my homework.

I am trying so hard though to envision her lying in bed (it’s the middle of the night there) and resting and healing and waking up this morning, able to get out on her own, getting ready and taking a cab to the doctor’s office. OH how I dream of her middle of the night wake up where she’d call me or let the phone ring here to let me know she’s up and about for a minute to pee. She’s done it in the past….

Wednesday is usually when I create my blog post and I am struggling to come up with anything more inspiring to say. I am so sorry to anyone for reading this….but if you did, thank you!!

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7 thoughts on “Week 7 – Visualizing the positive

  1. Heather Hinke

    I am so very sorry that your mother is unwell. I do know how you feel though. My mother still resides in the UK and has just recently had a hip replacement that was very difficult of her, she is 84 years old. It is always hard being away from home, been living in the states for 21 years, but when Mum is sick it really cuts deep.

    I truly hope that your Mum is feeling better soon, and that you will then be able to visualize your future and not just hers – stay strong and positive.

  2. Gloria Britt

    It is my pleasure to read your blog and I am so sorry for your angst. It is so hard when loved ones are so far from us and then for your Mother to be sick makes it so much more difficult. I pray she is growing stronger and your mind is allowed to feel peace around this issue. I would also find it difficult to do the homework, I do hope you will soon be writing that she is well again. Thank you for sharing with us and I hope it has helped you to know others understand and really do care.

  3. Julia standish

    Positive Hugs… This is your journey…the night of your blogging was true and honest. ITS LIFE. You acknowledged it and embraced it. But I do pray for a healthy recovery for your mother. I can feel your love and concern for her. Peace,

  4. Ivonne

    My parents also live in a different country — I understand your concerns. Your love and healing reaches her loud and clear. Be well.


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