Week 7 – Courage to be free

It is week 7 and it’s Sunday November 9 and I cannot wait to write this, because this weekend is a very special one. It’s the 25th celebration of the fall of the Berlin Wall. They call it

Peaceful Revolution.IMG_1847

Even though this doesn’t totally relate to our amazing content, it does in some ways. How? This wall was brought down peacefully, largely by words (first) – preceded, as every effect in the world, by an intense desire for freedom. Of course, it was a big strike of luck when you consider what happened in other countries “behind the Iron Curtain”.

Somehow Germany was spared this. Being German myself this piece of history has always been incredibly personal and close to my heart. This is because not only did the generations in my family before me lose too many men sent to fight in the most senseless of wars…but also when I was growing up, in Germany, my family was split by this wall, and when we would drive to Berlin, my mom would point to the exit of the highway which we’d pass on the way to West Berlin. We were not allowed to actually exit the highway (outside of rest stops) to go to any town. I remember how I didn’t feel free. And I remember driving along the very bumpy, pot-holey roads, wishing I could see the house, the streets, the town – anything – where my mom grew up.

I wondered if I ever could for years. Till that amazing fall when thousands of Germans in the Eastern part of the country behind that Iron Curtain started walking their towns and cities and going into churches to pray, en masse.

And then one Thursday night, it happened…the Wall cracked. I was totally amazed and I remember a few weeks later, us going to the Brandenburg Gate and also visiting family member that was living behind the wall, who hadn’t passed away. I remember going to the beautiful city of Potsdam, and noticing how very, very different everything looked compared to anything in the Western part of the country – which you can’t really see much of, if anything, today.

I am still totally amazed when I think of it all, and remember. And when I see what’s happening on TV right now….or the internet, where I can see from afar, virtually, what is happening in Berlin, where they are releasing 8000 white glowing balloons along the “path” of where the Wall was (I always wondered, how in the world did they decide that, winding through the city?!), my heart is deeply, deeply touched…in a way that makes me want to scream out loud, or shout from the rooftops – hey! It’s amazing! Miracles do happen! We can make them happen!

Die Mauer muss weg. {the wall must go}

This is what people kept saying back then….and the power of words to create, our power to create, really fascinates me, as we are going deeper into the lessons in the Master Keys. I honestly don’t really have words for the feeling inside. I will say – I so wish I were there right now! Berlin is amazing, especially when it’s celebrating something so amazingly peaceful like this. (I had the great joy of welcoming home the German soccer world champions in July, at the Gate, which was also awesome – but this is even better….since many more people benefitted from the fall of the Wall).

So if I ever needed another reminder of the POWER of our words and our thoughts – to stay positive, to never give up, to keep pursuing our dreams, we can make them happen. We can create freedom, too. In our own lives.

Mut zur Freiheit ~ Courage to be free

And I must confess…I have tears in my eyes: tears of joy, of gratitude, intense gratitude that this wall came down while I was young….and tears of sadness for the people who didn’t get to witness this day bc they died too young, or bc they tried to escape and got killed. And of course, all the people that died in WW II because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time…all the soldiers, all the innocent civilians of all the nations, religions, genders that were affected……how I wish they could all see this, have their lives back, and create the lives of their own dreams.

No matter the history, Germany is capable of something awesome. And peaceful.

And how is this for alignment on a global level? Just as I finished writing these exact words, someone on German TV being interviewed live right now was saying exactly what I just wrote in those last 2 sentences. Unbelievable!

Courage to be free – Mut Zur Freiheit is the motto for today’s celebrations…..I love that. I am learning it every day. I am doing it every time I post on this blog – and especially today. For many years, all my growing up years, I was ashamed for being German…..

Anyway. Today is a great day to remember….like Germany, we can be anything we will to be. And we can leave our past behind.

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14 thoughts on “Week 7 – Courage to be free

  1. Gerhard

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on “die Mauer”. I am a fellow German and I have been in the same places and back then did not realize where the power came from. Today we see many things and with more people awakening, things will happen even faster. We the lucky ones who can see must be extra focused to share like you just did. Thank you for the reminder. G

  2. Janet Andrews

    Your blog held so much powerful emotion that your message came across with equal impact for me. My daughter was a German major in college and studied in Germany, living in Berlin and traveling throughout. She was very happy with her experience and the people. My nephew lived with a German family as a foreign exchange student for a year while in high school. He knew no German when he went over, but was fluent upon return and loved the experience! Thank you for the intimate sharing of this historical time period and its connection to Program!

    1. Ilona Post author

      Hi Janet, thanks so much for your kind words – and wow, your daughter got to live in Berlin! How cool is that? It is one of dreams to live there for a few months at some point. And how cool your nephew became fluent in the language in one year. That is awesome!! Thanks for sharing about those great experiences 🙂

  3. George Pauli

    Ilona, I like your post, my father fought in WWII as an american. I remember the wall coming down. Peace to you and your family, and your country. Greet this day with love in your heart!

  4. Jerry B

    Thank You for sharing these thoughts, Ilona. A very thoughtful expression of yourself. It was my pleasure to share in them with you.

    Jerry B

  5. Fred Balke

    Ilona Thank you for sharing my grandparents were born in Germany and were fortunate enough to have gotten out of Germany before WWII began, after my father was born here in the states he was sent back to Germany to live with his aunt for a few years. During my life I remember my grandparents talking about relatives behind the wall and the sadness that I felt in their voices as they reminisced. I remember the wall coming down and the disbelief I felt at the time knowing that it had stood and separated so many relatives for so many years. Thank you for sharing, great job of relating it to our journey wishing you continued success!

    1. Ilona Post author

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Fred – I really appreciate it. And how great your grandparents got out in time!! And how neat you remember the wall coming down too…

  6. Gerda Hekker

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    I like your connection with: the POWER of our words and our thoughts – to stay positive, to never give up, to keep pursuing our dreams, we can make them happen. We can create freedom, too. In our own lives.


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