Week 6 – The Power of our Brain

I love this week. I am also continuing to be challenged by this week. Challenged, inspired, motivated. Challenged because I feel so busy, so attached to ‘stuff’ in our house (meaning both material items I’ve been working on reducing and just regular work that needs to get done, while watching my very active, adorable toddler) that it is so wonderful to be reminded again and again throughout this course of how important our brain is to our life, the cause to all the effects we experience in our external circumstances – and especially this week.

That and the power of concentration, with it being the very highest accomplishment that can be acquired.

My ability to concentrate has suffered a bit lately, as I feel pulled in many directions in my life via the roles I play, wife, mom, homemaker, part-time business owner, so much that it’s a challenge to take time for myself, where I am not actually accomplishing anything, but just being. This is why i love the sitting quietly time so much. I need and crave it. And I notice how much my mind wanders, except for the moments I focus on my breath, or attempt to do the different exercises we are instructed to do.

I am so thankful, however, for all we are learning and doing in the MKMMA and the cool thing is, I am seeing fun “results”. I got to check off a lot of things on my to do list – not just our chore card 🙂 – and some cool things are happening, such as totally surprise gifts, surprise energy levels and the letting go of some pressure at home to have everything needing to be or look perfect before I enjoy being with my toddler more and outside in great weather this week. In a word, I have felt freer the second part of this week than I have in some time. Woohoo!

The only ‘bummer’ is is I have realized my DMP is still far from done…to the point of my need to change one of my PPNs. But I am getting there…..

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4 thoughts on “Week 6 – The Power of our Brain

  1. Jack Shea

    Amazing the lessons we’ve learned so far on our journey through MKMMA, Ilona.
    Keep going, I’m sure it’s worth it.


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