Week 5 – Do It Now

This week, I have really noticed how the phrase “Do It Now” is starting to have an impact on me, even though there are so many others too. (as a side note, I have started to sing the phrase to myself, when alone, and probably repeat it more than 100 times that way. It maybe sounds funny but I love it). I honestly, truly, deeply, believe that this is one of main ways I have been inspired to do some things I have been putting off in the last week alone. Things that I would think about but not really take action on, for whatever reason – lack of time, lack of motivation, or even lack of ‘importance’ or urgency. And yes, when I would come across those ‘things’, whether in my mind as thoughts or physically, such as the furniture in storage I have been meaning to get rid of, I’d be like, “oh, I’ll do it later”. Well, no more! I have once again the deep desire to take care of these things, get them done, so they are out of my mind, and I can forget them in the best way because they are well, done!

One of the highlights of my week has been working with Heather to create my new hosted blog has been amazing. In fact, she’s been so awesome, I am now internally totally revamping the site I use for my personal bus.iness. It’s a lot of things to think and create, but it feels great to do it – and do it now! I love that.

That’s all I really feel compelled to share this week. Probably at least in part because I’ve got some things to do…now! 🙂

P.S. I must say I’m really starting to enjoy doing this weekly blogging exercise. I still feel a little uncomfortable at times to “put myself out there”, but it’s getting easier. It’s great practice too, to just do it. I have come to realize, I over-think even writing these blogs…..whew. I will say, I am totally enjoying reading others’ blogs and knowing we are all going through this together. So neat!

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6 thoughts on “Week 5 – Do It Now

  1. beoptimal

    Thanks Greg, Brian…… and Jacqui – appreciate your words, and glad to hear you guys do it too! 🙂 I shall be thinking of you when I do it tomorrow 🙂 Jacqui, I love your press release BTW. Not sure if I posted it on your blog but I was planning to 🙂


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