Week 5 – Be Gentle With Myself

So this was a tough week for me in some ways on this awesome journey of the MKMMA 2017. At the same time, it was also an easy week. Let me explain.

It was a tough week because I caught my toddler’s cold and cough, and doing my daily ‘sit’ was tough – the cough made sitting truly still very difficult because I was unable to control it, even with medicine, most of the days this week. So I essentially had to decide to just take whatever time I needed, and definitely more than 15 minutes, and to let go of other things I had to do. This is not an easy ‘thing’ for me to do, but I realize that the extra rest actually helped me heal more, and now I’m feeling much better, and hardly coughing anymore.

I will confess, though, that not making it this week in 15 minutes, was hard especially the first few days and I had to remind myself while it was happening in my mind, it’s OK to need to more time, to be coughing if that’s what my body needs.

This week one of our assignments was to not give an opinion and being sick, it was pretty easy to not give an opinion, because I was so tired from not sleeping enough. I will, however, feel more challenged with it now that I’m feeling better!

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