Week 4 – Seek the Silence

These last two weeks have been so deeply resonating with me. It’s like my innermost being is singing along saying “Yes, this is true! I want this to be true for myself, I want to live this out every single day and create the life of my dreams.”

This week, the most important words for me are these:

4-23 “The essence and soul of all things is spiritual and the spiritual is real, because it is the life of all there is”

4-25 “Over-work or over-play or over-bodily activity of any kind produces conditions of mental apathy and stagnation which makes it impossible to do the more important work which results in a realization of conscious power. We should, therefore, seek the Silence frequently. Power comes through repose; it is in the Silence that we can be still, and when we are still, we can think, and thought is the secret of all attainment.”

“There is nothing truer than that the quality of thought which we entertain correlates certain externals in the outside world. This is the Law from which there is no escape.” Wilmans

Wow. Aren’t these words amazing?

All my life, I have easily overworked….maybe not over-played, but definitely overworked, and certainly was super active, even though I have also been learning over the last decade or so the deep need for my body and mind to rest, to do less, to work smarter, not harder. Of course, it goes along with my nature to be sort of – well, controlling, always making sure everything is ‘just right’, because that’s how I was raised – work hard, do the right thing always and don’t stop till it’s – well, perfect. I remember even in high school telling my mom I’d rather study for a test than go shopping with her.

The last several years too I have really learned to appreciate the treasure and mystery of silence, and how life-giving it is. Years ago, when healing from heavy metal toxicity, my acupuncturist told me, “Stillness is great for the kidneys”. That encouraged me even more to seek silence, and I adore the encouragement in our text to seek the Silence frequently.

And also, to do less – and accomplish more, in the words of one of my favorite meditation teachers, Deepak Chopra.

This became more real to me in my bus.iness, this week. How? One day this week while sitting in silence, a thought hit me. And so I hired the amazing, wonderfully gifted and brilliant Heather to help me bring my website and blog into the 21st century. For the longest time I’ve said, “I need to do something with my website”, but never took time to figure it out myself (which is what I usually do!)– there are always other things to do – in my home life or business, serving clients etc. – that it just keeps sitting there, looking not very pretty, in my mind. So this week I took the plunge and I couldn’t be happier. I had a great conversation with Heather too and I felt totally aligned with everything she said. I feel utterly grateful. Even though I have no idea what the new blog and website will look like, I already know, in my heart, it’s going to be great. And it will help me reach more people and share my passion through it. Doing less and accomplishing more can feel so great, especially when I ‘let go’ and allow myself to receive the help and expertise I need.

Here’s to seeking more silence….

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8 thoughts on “Week 4 – Seek the Silence

    1. beoptimal

      Thanks Mark! I read your blog post too and have yet to respond. I am so sorry for the stress. I’m rooting for you to have a future in which you have less stress in your job….

  1. Heather Plude

    Thank you so much, Ilona! I am honored to work on your blog and can’t wait to put it all together and have you love it! I see things coming together nicely!! And these are the dogs in your header, aren’t they? They are beautiful. Let’s use them as they are here, yes?

    1. beoptimal

      Thank YOU so much, Heather! And yes I’d love to use the puppies and the cat too! It was not hard at all to pick these pics…I think I will have more trouble deciding what to put on my business blog….. I can’t wait to see the new blog either 🙂 Thanks so much for all you do, share, give……I so appreciate it!!


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