Week 3 – Relaxation

This week the most important part of the master key for me was the reminder of the importance of relaxation to enable the body and brain to function most optimally, Bc it enables the blood to flow where it needs to and for my mental capacities to be able to exercise their greatest freedom.

This is what I deeply desire to make progress on, as I know my tendency toward worry and constriction all too well.

I sometimes feel I sort of inherited this trait from my mom, the hardest worker I have ever met, but I know that until recently my habit of worry has been perpetuated by none other than my very own self!

I too work very hard….in fact I recently had a naturopath who happens to know about iridology tell me that I’m the type of person who can work hard very well, but relaxing is not so easy. She could see this in my eyes!

Definitely even more motivation to help me pursue the sitting still exercise – and relaxation in general.

I’m currently traveling and one of my goals at home is working on creating more time in my schedule to do nothing, or fun things with my family – not working nearly all the time. To the point where if I have a moment, I think of something else I need to do – not the fun thing I could do for even five minutes, like dance to a song or two w my adorable toddler 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Week 3 – Relaxation

    1. Ilona Post author

      Good point!! I sure need and desire to grow in letting go and relaxing more on many levels…mentally and physically. Thanks for your inspiration!


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