Week 3 – Law of Relaxation…for our bedroom

So this week, the Law of Relaxation really hit home for me. It resonates so much that I want to share it here:

“Mental effort defeats itself ~ exactly the opposite of physical effort. A relaxed, calm state of mind is the only doorway to progress mentally. Relaxation of thought is the only access to Infinite Intelligence.”

This really hit home because over the last several months, I’ve tried to figure out in my head what would be the simplest, most minimal way to create a perfectly pitch dark bedroom in the house we moved into. It’s been a challenge because we have skylights, it’s a pretty small room and our corner neighbors’ front garden light shines straight into our bedroom 24/7. It’s so strong it shines through the outside edges of the darkening blinds we put up – too bright for me. I kept thinking I’d have to put up curtains and rods to close off the edges too. And yet, I could never decide on which. So finally decided to stop thinking about it and just try a couple things. I went to a local store and a lovely lady named Lina, from Russia, helped me with 3 options. The second one worked perfectly. And for less than the price of 2 movie tickets, we now have a pitch-black bedroom – as long as the doors stay closed and without any more nails being used. After a few months of envisioning, I created exactly what I wanted not by overanalyzing and online research (LOL) but by letting go, trusting my gut I’d find a solution – let my intuition/subconscious take over. It really just ‘came’ to me (and I wish I did that, well, a few months ago). And it was amazing. I can definitely “use” this more often. I love sleeping in total darkness again. I totally crave the dark at night. My body does much better with it, that is I can train my body better to “go” to sleep: Getting to bed early and up early too is much easier, happens to be one my goals and is a part of my DMP, perhaps until it’s a consistent habit.

I also need to work on spending less time reading and researching stuff on the internet…and especially since @lazynetworker’s encouragement to spend less time on the internet and watching TV, too – one of my favorites, for sure! 🙂

I also find it funny how inspiration and perhaps confirmation comes from all kinds of places these days – confirmation that what we are learning is truly true. Here is a quote emailed to me this week from one of my favorite authors, Dr. Henry Cloud. Like the MKMMA, it totally resonates with me:

Most people look for a better life “on the outside.”  Those who focus on developing the “insides” build greater lives on the outside.  Grow!

Which I now have to get back to doing…..

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9 thoughts on “Week 3 – Law of Relaxation…for our bedroom

  1. mkmmagregnyberg

    Good one IIona, A relax mind…is awesome. I can be a bit of a worry wart. So I’m always on guard. Always watching the gate to see if others are happy and ignoring my own.
    I knew a guy who worked nights and slept during the day. He covered the window of his room with tin foil to make it dark.

    1. beoptimal

      Thanks, Greg, for the kind words. I’m working on a calmer mind too. I had no idea how helpful it can be to ‘relax’ when solving “problems”….I somehow forgot. I do remember as a kid, how when I got anxious about a test, I did worse than when I wasn’t anxious. Or non-relaxed. Blessings to you!

      Tin foil would have been a good idea too 🙂

  2. masterkeybrendaf

    Thanks again for another great post. Interesting to see how ‘letting go’ brought about a great solution. I’m going to implement that technique and see what happens. Thank you again.


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