Week 24 – Still going deeper and deep gratitude for my guide

So hard to believe this is our last week in class. I am sad even though I plan to continue this great journey on my own. There is much more to learn.

Throughout this whole process, clearly one of the most important lessons has been how much life comes from within, not without. How our thoughts are the cause, not the effect, and how by changing our thoughts, the cause, we also change the effects. Through the various exercises, and especially the sits, I feel I have become a calmer person, somehow.

The other key lesson for me is…..to really connect with my own inner life, to seek it out, to listen to it – the inner guidance, and listen less to the input of other people – even though I will keep taking their wisdom into consideration. The Gal in the Glass will be a steady companion.

And then there is the Law of Growth, showing itself to me in the last two weeks after I bumped into a snowbank at the end of our driveway. I have not had time to have the big dent fixed. Since that day, I see dented bumpers several times a week. Whereas before, I hadn’t in I don’t know how long. The cool thing is, this works with anything.

Last but not least, I want to take a moment to publicly say thank you both to my personal guide – who was and is incredibly patient, supportive, and an unforgettable gift. Carol M, thank you so much! She was everything an MKMMA’er could wish for, and I hope, you’ll continue to be a guide for a long time to come! And of course, a great big thanks for both Mark and Davene J, without whom all of this wouldn’t be possible!!! And….surely, all the inspiring MKMMA’ers I’ve come across in this journey.


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