Week 24 – Danny’s gold in the mind, heart and hand

Week 24. Wow. Our last blog – well for this year. Graduation is only a few days away and I can hardly believe it.

So much has been learned and so much happened in this time, I’m just so thankful to have made it – both to start and to finish! I say this Bc when this started, I was in Germany visiting my mom as well and the wifi connection wasn’t working well and I wasn’t sure if I could make the requirements or even the first webinar (I did though). It was all very last minute but I did also trust that if I was meant to get into class, I would.

My next thing was my guide. Joining at the last minute, I thought, oh, will anyone have time for me? Lol. Again I just trusted and I feel like i was the sent


His name is Danny Linkert and if you don’t know him yet and are reading this, look him up here:  http://linkertenterprise.com  He is epitome of give more – get more. He has given me so much wisdom, care and support. So many amazingly great questions that really get you to think for yourself (honk!)

What an honor!! I have had a pretty stressful and challenging few months but Danny was always there, coaching me and helping me see the light! From MK lesson questions to being a great sounding board to being able to empathize with some of my challenges- whoa.  What an incredible part of this amazing MKE.  

And so I wanted to sing his praises. I only wonder if he ever sleeps because he is always there! Always sharing encouraging words, I see them on fellow members’ blogs! He has a warm, brilliant heart and mind – of the kind of gold Haanel talks about in this week’s lesson. Clearly Danny is transmuting the gold in his mind into gold in his heart and in his hand. And the MKE is so fortunate to have him on the team!

What a gift to know Danny, truly. What a true example and inspiration. Danny – I’ll be forever grateful to you!

Thanks so much for being part of the team and helping me learn some of these important things for my own life transformation like….

– I have a lot more time than I realize. If I just look at how I really spend my time, and how much I have been  wasting on news sites and social media. Make my own positive news instead!

– take action and move towards my hopes and dreams. Create the life I want to live. Baby steps rock! I can accept the call and take a step at a time

– embrace my fears and use them as tools for growth…follow my heart always!

– make time for me, to be silent, to cultivate the world within, really sit w what I know to be true – and listen to what my heart says. It knows a lot more than I realize.

– love and accept myself as I am.

– and the newest two, most delicate yet and in a way scariest…1) i can do this. I can transform my life. I can be who I will to be. The wife, mom, writer and photographer I dream of being…. and 2) I am not alone! I have felt really lonely in the past especially when dealing w great challenges but I am really not alone. Whew. And I can make new friends in my area too. Real friends. I just have to be patient, reach out and make an effort.

I feel like I’m at the edge of a precipice, wearing a parachute, ready to jump….

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3 thoughts on “Week 24 – Danny’s gold in the mind, heart and hand

  1. Danny Linkert

    Thank You Ilona for your kind words!
    I have to say You did the work so You get 50% , No! 75% of the credit. Without You I am just Dan.
    For helping You I helped Myself. I too am Grateful for the experience.
    Peace Be Your Journey.

  2. Amy Swift

    Ilona I gave information to Danny about an MMA that is forming…we seem to be focusing on MLM skills. Would you like in on it? Or contact Danny and he can you more info.


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