Week 22 – “Owning” my value

This week I again noticed subtle changes in my thinking….perhaps my “Subby” bubbling up to consciousness? I am not sure, but I sure am grateful for the results, and my increasing courage to make choices I might not have – well, have not – made in the past.

As a recovering people-pleaser, one of the things I’ve struggled with in my business is giving far more in time than what I get paid for, and time is my greatest gift. I know we are learning to give more in class, but sometimes, I give to the point of being taken advantage of, being so drained I resent what I give. I have been there before, and it’s one of the ‘things’ I am changing. I finally asked one of my very time-consuming, demanding clients, to pay for at least some of the extra time she requires my support. She didn’t like it at all. I held my ground, knowing this was the right thing to do, though the chance she’d no longer wish to work with me was high. I was OK with that. My biggest desire is to work with those clients who see me as a partner, who they value and who also has their best interest at heart. I’ve come across many who want advice and expertise for nothing, or almost nothing, and I’m worthy of what I charge. (I can’t believe I just said this “out loud”).

While I did lose this client, and it was scary, I was also grateful: I didn’t need to encourage her to move on. Shortly after, two new clients came along – as if the universe was responding to my brand new desire to own my value.

It’s one of the most important ways the MKMMA has been growing me up. The MKMMA, and the Gal in the Glass. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Week 22 – “Owning” my value

  1. Ellen L

    Woo-hoo! Beautiful, courageous, brand-new you, absolutely you are worth what you charge! Good on you for setting and then KEEPING your boundaries, and so happy that you manifested better clients in exchange!

    1. Ilona Post author

      Diane – thank you so much!! I so appreciate it….and I honestly can’t believe you’d return to my humble blog. 🙂


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