Week 22 – Anxiety and relief

So surgery came and went…and I was super anxious, but thank God all went well. My mom is still weak and tired but I am so thankful. 

Feeling her pulse after the operation made me tear up. I had felt it be so low all the weeks I’ve been here and it was scary.

During the operation I was also incredibly nervous. I was so aware of it and ended up walking around outside w my special shoe on my left foot in 20 degree weather but I needed it. My mkmma affirmations also spoken for my mom helped me. When I got back and sat in the waiting area I saw her being wheeled back awake and felt so very relieved.

Learned lots about who to talk to because  one doctor scared me while the main doc was super nice and positive. Makes such a difference. Also made me switch her cardiologist from the one she saw once to another in the same practice who is supposed to be nicer and kinder than who we saw.

My son came through the week ok. Still coughing and more tired but I’m so thankful for him. Now if I could just get some rest.

I get anxious when I think about returning to the states. I dream of convincing my mom to get help. It would help me so much knowing she has some assistance, even for going shopping now and then…


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1 thought on “Week 22 – Anxiety and relief

  1. Danny Linkert

    I am so happy for You and your Mother Ilona.
    You are a Miracle maker.
    I am certain Your Mother shall come around to outside help once her energy has returned.
    Peace, Love, Hugs.


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