Week 21 – Visualizing miracles

So we had a long wait for an appointment w a doctor at the hospital so my mom could ask about the pacemaker. Turns out the wait was worth it Bc she decided to do it and this Monday I am praying and visualizing she will have a successful and smooth implantation of the pacemaker.

This will be her first procedure since her C-section to deliver me.

When I think about it all I get scared…but visualizing the outcome I want for her is definitely helpful. Also to imagine my toddler being ok with away from me a few hours – more than normal or what he is used to….I still haven’t decided whether to have him w me in the hospital or drop him in a daycare where he hasn’t been. So many things to think about, decide and plan. Definitely not easy juggling many things at once and yet I am so thankful to be here.

i have to squeeze my readings and exercises in where I can. I am grateful I have memorized a lot. I need to do more work on the BPB….

My foot is still not back to normal, but I am ok w it by now – which is progress too and I’m thankful for sunshine whenever it appears. I do need to visualize warmer weather 🙂 as it won’t get much over 30 degrees next week.

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8 thoughts on “Week 21 – Visualizing miracles

  1. Monica Petersson

    I hope the surgery goes well and that your mother will recover nicely when she gets her pace-maker. I have my heart in two countries; Sweden and Senegal and that has made me so grateful for all the resources we have in our countries because when people get sick in Senegal is it very difficult for them to get help, for so many reasons. So I am grateful that your mother can have this surgery and a good chance to get well again.

  2. Danny Linkert

    I am so Happy for your progress with your Mom Ilona!
    Before you know it your Mon shall be Hob Nobbing with the best of them and you won’t be able to keep her indoors. LOL
    She will have a new spring in her step!

    Love Peace & Hugs to you all.


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