Week 21 – Choosing Calm & the Law of Relaxation

Today I had the opportunity to put new ways of thinking into practice.

[Picture a woman raised to be on time, do the right, responsible thing as much as possible and as much it depends on her. Said woman normally stresses out when she is unable to do this]

Not having a cell phone, and going to visit a doctor in a new location, I realized my GPS sent me someplace different than where I had to go. I circled the block a couple times, thinking, “I have no phone. I don’t even remember the doc’s phone number”.

This point is where I’d normally choose to stress out, get nervous and feel guilty, because I wouldn’t get to the doc on time.

Today, I chose to stay calm, and find a solution without stressing.

I asked my GPS to send me to a 7/11 hoping either to find a kind soul with a cellphone or a file9321234668341public phone. Two minutes later, I was on the phone with my doc’s office at perhaps the last public phone (LOL). I believe, because I chose to relax my mind – the Law of Relaxation – the phone number for the doc’s office (which they took with them upon the move) popped into my head. (No cellphone = no contact info). The office gave me directions and ten minutes later, I was there – later than I’d ever been to an appointment, but it was OK. The doc was running late anyway. He didn’t blink an eye.

It’s a tiny ‘thing’ in the grand scheme of things, but to me, it felt great. 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Week 21 – Choosing Calm & the Law of Relaxation

  1. Deanna Becket

    Thank you for sharing a major panic of your day and good on ya for staying the calm course! Are you a first born or only child by chance?! I feel the same way in similar occasions! Isn’t it funny how we find the littlest learnings from MKMMA in real life? Love it.

    1. Ilona Post author

      Deanna, that is interesting about your question – I am an only child. How about you? And I’d love to hear what made you ask this question 🙂

  2. Zoey

    Isn’t it fabulous to master this old blueprint stresser? I love it when I remember to calm down breathe and trust it will all work out…and then the Dr is late anyway! Great share.

  3. Carol Marsocci

    Ilona, what a great story to share! You put a smile on my face again as you are being kind to yourself by choosing calm and the Law of Relaxation! Thanks so much for share! Enjoy, Carol


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