Week 20 – The secret of the power of creative thought

What a week. I am still walking around the halls, rooms and streets with a big ugly shoe on my left foot but I am accepting it more and more as I am looking forward to walking normally again.

I am also missing my home and the milder weather there compared to Germany and better sleep not interrupted by my precious little boy’s cough which he still has and which adds to my fatigue and losing my temper eat times.

But the Master Keys just keep getting better and going deeper for me. I see over and over how much I need them.

So the secret of the creative power of thought is that we are in Him and move in Him and have our being in Him, and we are made in His image, He is in us as we are in Him, we are made in His image. The only difference between us is size or degree – we are the same in kind and quality Bc we are a part of Him. How cool is that?

The crazy part is there is so much treasure in these and truly in all the words we are studying, it’s so so easy to miss it if we just read it. This thought hit me this week and I so badly want to chew on and assimilate it more deeply in my spirit.

I have this deep desire to spend more time w my mom, to have my mom have a chance to live more on earth. She has serious issues and badly needs a pacemaker. So far she has been against it,  it and yet, the last few weeks I have been here, she has made some miraculous choices like getting a 24h ekg and seeing a cardiologist which she was recommended to do years ago, and didn’t. Tomorrow she will go to one at the hospital she was referred to about the pacemaker. She wants to ask questions to figure out her next steps. I am afraid of the doctor being critical or pushy – the other one kind of was – but I want to keep thinking and visualizing the whole thing going ok. And then I do and I get scared of the surgery. What could go wrong, will she be willing to get checked if she does it? She keeps going back and forth and shares all her worries and distrust of all things medical.

So much is unknown. And yet I so badly want to think positive thoughts. Focus on what I want. Remember that these desires surely must be on harmony w Universal Mind.

Same goes for our lodging. The hotel I’m at is booked for two nights next week and I love it here for many reasons. I waited too long to lengthen my stay. I keep hoping these two nights will indeed open up, still, through someone’s cancellation. A part of me is fearful Bc I don’t have much desire to pack up our belongings and move. So I try to remember that I am whole, perfect, wrong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. And that all will be well. Somehow…

Thanks for reading all the way here!


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2 thoughts on “Week 20 – The secret of the power of creative thought

  1. Monica Petersson

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings! I hope with my whole heart that all works out to the best for both you and your mother, and that your son’s cough will go away quickly.
    Blessings to you!

  2. Danny Linkert

    What could go wrong?
    Ilona listen to what you are saying to yourself.
    Focus on What Shall Go Right!
    Your Mother has made progress with you there. She is going to the doctors and having questions to ask.
    How wonderful is that!?
    I see amazing achievements coming your way!
    Peace Be Your Journey.


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