Week 20 – Creating Boundaries ~ Cherishing Each Day

This week was emotionally stressful, and I am very grateful this month’s scroll reminds me daily to see each day as a brand new, very precious gift.

I had to let go of a newer friend who, I realized, would not be healthy for me to remain in contact with. I cherish people who share some of my passions, such as for healthy living, which she does. However, when I shared a need for boundaries on certain issues, I was shut down, unheard, and told I was offensive. This saddened me and made me question myself. Was I offensive? Should I stay quiet and continue to be stressed by her? After meditating and reciting the ever-empowering Gal in the Glass poem I realized, I couldn’t.

A recovering people-pleaser, I struggle asserting myself in a healthy way at times. I did it in this instance, but had to work through feeling guilty and confused for a bit. In the end, it was worth it. I am still sad, but I know what happened is for the best. Life is too short. I am worthy of healthy boundaries. As another, healthier friend shared with me, when we let go of unhealthier friends (or anything unhealthy, for that matter), we make space and time for healthier ones. I like that! So that’s a goal for 2015 – to make one more healthy, safe friend.

I am still without a cellphone and loving it. Who knew?

We are in the last third of class already – wow. I am getting better at writing more concisely, which feels freeing and so good. I love freedom of any kind!

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10 thoughts on “Week 20 – Creating Boundaries ~ Cherishing Each Day

  1. Don Overlander

    Love LOVE –LOVE– the Healthier choices for a better life. It is so true in EVERY aspect of our lives, we only have so much time and space, makes my heart happy to hear you’ve gotten so much growth and abundance already!

  2. Deb Waldron

    Ilona – I can just picture you in the “wonder woman” stance before claiming your healthy space! Good job! You will become a slave to THIS new habit, I’m sure!!

  3. Ellen L

    Oh, well done! You are VERY MUCH WORTHY of proper healthy boundaries, and I love your goal for the year! Ooh – and I think you’ve come across a way that the pillar “hurt feelings” of the comfort zone can inspire us to widen them!


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