Week 2 – Discovering the Laws of Nature

Note: this post got much longer than I expected or planned. I have decided to publish it anyway, because even if no one else will read it, one year from now I want to go back to these posts and re-read them.

So this week we were to revise the DMP and figure out our two personal pivotal needs, or PPNs, of 7 total. I felt drawn right away to a pair of two – autonomy or liberty and Recognition for Creative Expression or True Health. During the exercise in the webinar, I ‘landed’ on liberty and True Health. Later when I sat down to rewrite my DMP in light of the 2 PPNs, I went to read it once, just to see how or where I could ‘weave’ them in. And in reading it, I realized that at least IMHO, I already had liberty and true health expressed in it already. It was actually quite amazing to see that.

I will say that I also feel Recognition of Creative Expression is a big part of me, largely because I have always loved photography, making gifts using my pictures, or having the pictures be gifts themselves or other little things…like interior decorating, which is becoming a new hobby, or sort of necessity, with a recent move and the need to “let go” of a lot of previous belongings…..and yet I feel deep in my heart that the two I resonate with most are Liberty and True Health. Perhaps next week I’ll feel differently – we shall see.

I want to comment on one thing – I really totally love the webinars, Sundays and Mondays too. I will even say, I love the Monday one the most, because it is slow, and that is where I am at the moment…..and that is OK. I am very thankful we have the replay to go back. I feel that some of the things we are learning are already sinking deeper. I’m not sure how good a job I’m doing with saying Do it Now 25 times a day…..I am more like singing it, when no one is around. It’s kind of funny. The other day, when I decided to finally invest in curtains and rods – which I’ll need to get new – I said to myself, “just do it now. Don’t wait anymore. Just get something. It’s just a curtain and a rod so you can have your beloved pitch dark bedroom back.” And it felt quite freeing, I must say.

I do push back the feeling of overwhelm, and thankfully everything is starting to feel a bit more naturally than last week, and I look forward to continuing that. Above all, I feel a deep sense of peace that this is right for me, and what we are learning is a deep truth. This path, this Mastermind, this education, I resonate with it. Going to Hawaii is a dream too. Meeting people also on this path would be very cool! I’ve also really been enjoying the meditation/sitting still. It’s just been feeling really good and I sense a cumulative effect from it somehow…and feel much calmer when I am done than from a regular meditation. Perhaps because the desire to remain still is so big, I focus more easily on observing the breath.

For this week’s quote, this really touched me:

Our difficulties are largely due to confused ideas and ignorance of our true interests. The great task is to discover the laws of nature to which we are to adjust ourselves. Clear thinking and moral insight are, therefore, of incalculable value. All processes, even those of thought, rest on solid foundations.

LOVE that. As a kid I was quite in tune with nature. Then, as an adult, especially after finishing grad school, I was not. And totally lost in cement, literally and figuratively. Working in a high rise, cut off from the natural rhythms of the day, of natural light yet deep inside always longing for it. I also was part of the rat race, feeling like I have to follow what “they” say. That’s another thing that really resonated with me when Mark talked about it in the webinar – people generally are taught to live a mediocre life. Well, I want to live an extraordinary life, in my own way, a la Frank Sinatra. Though I already have in a way – just totally not the way I expected to.

The last several years, and especially since leaving Corporate America, I have really re-discovered my deep need to live in tune with nature. To learn and obey its laws. Perhaps that’s why the quote resonates so deeply. One special dog has been an extraordinary teacher in this. She lives in the mountains, was abandoned by her original owner, and now has found joy in living between two homes. She has had to learn to trust people, to allow them to touch her, or even get close to her physically.

When it comes to taking care of herself, or what she wants out of life, so to speak, she knows what’s best for her – running around a lot, as much as she can, grounding herself a lot on the earth to absorb life-giving electrons, intuitively. She is ready to sleep with sundown and bounces outside as soon as the sun comes up – unless it rains hard, in which case she decides to just chill and relax on a comfy, dry doggie bed by the window.

She also will jump into the local stream – no matter the temperature, to lie in it and drink in the water and find sticks for you to toss back at her. She totally revels in the experience of it, just as much as running through the woods and fields to her heart’s content. It is an amazing, life-giving experience to watch her. It is her definite major purpose to fully enjoy being who she is, and who she was made to be. And that clearly includes being a definite major joy and treasure….to me and all who know her.                                .IMG_2832 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Week 2 – Discovering the Laws of Nature

  1. hhuman1

    Hi- I can relate to a few things you were talking about. I too fell into the rat race of what we must and mustn’t do. How exciting is this whole experience. I’m so glad We can be part of this and find our Dharma.

  2. Heather Plude

    Ilona, I really enjoyed reading about your picking of your PPNs and how they already are expressed in your DMP. And the great thing is that when you get the 2 you pick, you get the other 5 anyway!

    See you on the beaches of the world! Hawaii here we come! I’m going to Kauai in April, how ’bout you?


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