Week 19 – May each day be better than the last

Wow so talk about perfect timing. I broke my toe as I later found out last week on January 31 and then February 1 we start the next scroll….talking all about not regretting things from the day before, making each day count and so on. And boy did I need to hear that. I was so so sad for a couple days but these words were and are so helpful in letting go of breaking my toe and instead focusing on healing and getting even a little rest. I even created my own little affirmation for the toe for when I meditate, lay in bed or riding buses….and it feels good.

My feet are perfect and full of strength.

I couldn’t go see my mom for a few days but did go w her to the cardiologist who at first visit was nice but when it came to discussing results of her 24h ekg just sent her to the hospital doctor. I was so proud of my mom to do this – she said without me she wouldn’t have gone. But it was rough for me bc the doc also made some responsible for her making the choice to allowe a pacemaker to be installed. So far I have not been able to. She desperately needs it and could feel better but seems afraid. She has severe bradycardia and this, probably causing the bradycardia.


It breaks my heart, no pun intended. Each day I pray for her health and courage and that God would sustain her until she decides to do the surgery. I even talked to a pastor here who said maybe she is ready to leave this earth but when I talk to her, she will say she is afraid of the surgery – she never had any besides the c-section.

I’m so grateful to be here though things are a challenge and I keep praying for God to create good from all this. I sure miss my home and husband. And my toddler has been super wired this week, maybe from not sleeping enough or his cough or eating things I don’t let him eat at home. No doubt he knows my stress. He even said “mama hug sad”.

Im able to walk a bit this week. I did order a leash for my son bc running after him especially when outside is impossible still.

Im so thankful for the MkE and all the great readings. I need them so much. And i welcome each morning, however cold, with great gratitude.



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