Week 18 – Wake sleeping lions up

Last week was so overwhelmingly busy not just in our lives but with some family issues I chose to worry about…..I slacked off in the daily readings for the first time in this amazing MKMMA experience :(. And boy I could really tell the difference in my attitude and my thinking!! The day that I got back to reading more consistently, I could feel my whole body and mind shifting. Thankfully, I was able to keep up the sits – which are now such a part and parcel of my day, I really want to keep this up “forever”.

It drove the ‘point’ of how important my daily, hourly, minute-by-minute choices are, and how deeply they affect me….often more than we know, but last week it became clear to me, sort of rising up from deep within my heart.Sleeping

I  also realized this  week how much negativity there is out there, and how much I have been influenced by it, not realizing either of those facts. Well, suddenly I see it so clearly in so many places – news, with clients, friends, family members, even some Facebook groups I’m a part of. It’s like there’s a part of my heart and brain that have been sleeping all my life, and suddenly I can ‘spot’ it in so many places.

Now that I so clearly see it, I want to keep seeing it and immediately make different choices, the choice to be positive, to say no to negative people, and their ideas and thoughts. And to choose better, healthier, more fun thoughts and beliefs. Perhaps one day, the negativity will just roll off me automatically?

So I say – I want to wake the sleeping lion inside me…….

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4 thoughts on “Week 18 – Wake sleeping lions up

  1. Ellen L

    Absolutely yes! Let the lion in you awake and sing her song of victory into the world! And I love how you said you “chose to worry” about family issues. Keep seeing the world as it is and making choices to reduce the negativity in your world!

  2. Dennis Bell

    My guide recently told me I should be thankful for the struggles. What I see is you’ve persevered and are aware of your surroundings and I’m thankful your journey continues. I will see you at the finish line!


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