Week 17hj – Kindnesses and struggles

So I am visiting my mom now; crazy week with flying and packing and forgetting some things but we got here ok. I am super tired and caught a cold but it’s ok.

I see lots of kindnesses still, each day. I see some contrast too- like the cab driver I asked to take me to the grocery store on the first day bc I was too tired to walk to the bus – he complained and said I should walk.

But the kindnesses prevail…from the very nice people on both planes we took, the people we met waiting on the airport, a woman offering to watch my toddler while I pick up some cold remedy, my mom being thankful for the food I’m bringing, the cardiologists office who is happy to answer my questions on a Friday afternoon. And of course many folks who open doors in so many places as I try to steer my toddler in the stroller, which I always appreciate so much.

Tough to see my mom frail and I can only pray she’s willing to take the doc appointment I set up for Friday w the cardiologist. Definitely tough being an only child and trying to reason with her…I don’t know how much or little she realizes she needs some support on a regular basis. And a pacemaker.

Its times like these I so badly wish I had more family, somehow.

I am so grateful for the mke- it continues to be a lifeline, especially the exercises and the gal in the glass…



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