Week 17 – Praying for good timing and a healing miracle

Much to say this week but no peace to share. I will say, the MKE is a big lifeline to me.

Ever since the hospital my mom has been much weaker – it really affected her. Her heart seems to be getting weaker and weaker and being so alone of course doesn’t help at all. After 2 months of saying I Shouldn’t come and spend the money she is finally more open to it.

I am terribly worried about her, and today she slept so long – fell asleep in armchair last night for 2.5 hours, then in bed for 12 till like 1140am, and then fell asleep at 6pm till 8pm now. She knows it’s not normal and I am worried her heart is failing. I hope and pray we make it there….and can support her somehow.

I am trying so hard to replace my anxiety and fear with courage, based on the law of substitution but I must not be doing such a good job.

If any of you read this today, or soon, would you pray for my mom? That her heart would be sustained. And that she could experience comfort and encouragement somehow, until I get there. We need a miracle, for sure.

Thanks so much. I hope to write more later….

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4 thoughts on “Week 17 – Praying for good timing and a healing miracle

  1. Monica Petersson

    My heart is with you in this difficult situation. I will pray for your mother and I will send healing to both of you in the weekend. Blessings!

  2. Mare P

    You & your mom are in & will continue to be in my thoughts & prayers! It sounds like you are being very courageous. Sending big hugs to help calm & comfort you!


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