Week 16 – Freedom

So this is week 2 ending without my having my cellphone, and I must confess, it’s been quite freeing. I really had no idea how many times I’d check that phone for emails….such a waste of time. While I will have to replace the phone eventually, for now I’m enjoying this little experiment not having one. And, my world still stands. I also feel calmer.

And the cool thing is, I have more time now to rehearse my affirmations, the words and poem I memorized….really am loving that. It feels empowering….

I will confess, I did ask my husband if I could borrow his phone today as I had to be out of state for the day – and he did. I wanted it just in case I need to place a call during the drive there and home…..thankfully I didn’t. And, I didn’t even use it to check anything….like I normally would to check the news, email, weather, traffic. So freeing. It’s nice but it’s also so strange, that this is where I have gotten…so addicted to it. And I didn’t get a smart phone until 2011!

I will say – it was so kind of my hubby to let me use his ‘baby’ 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Week 16 – Freedom

  1. Dominique Faillard

    I had the same experience. Without iPhone for more than a week. I succeeded and I had time away from technology, but lot of time to think ! Be patient and think positive !

  2. Ellen L

    Rockin’ job! Way to acknowledge hubby’s kindness and doubly way to go on unplugging. You are so right; we get addicted to these techie toys of ours. A friend of mine often says a retreat to a no-electronics zone in the woods would be of benefit to everyone; and hey, so long as I’m allowed my spiral notebook and pens, I’m right there with him! How about you?

  3. Ursula D'Angelo

    What a great experiment. Like this whole MKMMA journey is and loving it!! Love your photos and I look forward to other perspectives you will be sharing.


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