Week 15 – I am enough now

So it’s January 1st and this is the earliest I’ve written a blog in a given week yet. And it’s bc I am sitting here and re-listening to some of the videos in the MKMMA and I’m so inspired by some of what Mark says. It’s just SO amazing. The stuff he says.

Tonight, this one concept hit me in a fresh way….about how I am enough. I don’t need to chase after something outside of me to feel enough, worthy enough – and worthy is something I have not felt very much. It doesn’t matter if I reach whatever goal I set…..what matters is what’s INSIDE me. Happiness is an inside job.

“If you’re not enough now, you’re not enough then” – is what Mark said. And so so true. Now we are in week 15 and I am not new to this concept, but somehow, reaching me at a deeper level. I feel like it’s setting me free…in part because I’ve set these unrealistic goals, or feel guilty for being behind schedule in my “life plan”, due to a variety of things. But if I’m enough NOW, it doesn’t matter – I can set myself free from the unrealistic expectations of my past, because I am enough NOW. Anything beyond here is just icing on the cake. I don’t need to do or achieve anything to finally feel ENOUGH.

I am enough now. 

All I have to do is believe Frederick Andrews’ words…..to make the decision to believe that 

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. 

I am part of What and Who created me, just as my child is part of me, too. Wow. Mark’s words are amazing.

I also LOVE his reiteration of some of last week’s MK lesson: Thought is the only reality, conditions are outward manifestations, and so if I change my thinking, so will my conditions in life. If I want to change my life, I need to change my thinking based on whatever purpose I want to pursue in life…ugh this is so good.

I will post another blog, I hope, later this week, since I am all but reiterating Mark’s words, but I just HAD to. In part for you guys, and in part for ME….because I just don’t wanna forget:

I am enough now. 

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8 thoughts on “Week 15 – I am enough now

  1. Gloria Britt

    Ilona it is so lovely to read your words of feeling positive! You ARE enough but the most important part is that You are saying it and believing it! Now you can move forward. Do not doubt it, live it.

  2. Sue

    Hi Ilona, I’ve caught up with you again, sounds as though your life has moved on and you’re doing well :o) How old is your little fellow now? Did you move? Love to you all in this new year. Sue from UK

    1. Ilona Post author

      Dear Sue, things are crazy..terribly worried about my mom…it’s so sad but I must go see her soon. Charlie is adorable yes. We are still in the house we were in when I was pregnant 🙂 How are you doing? Send me an email sometime 🙂


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