Week 15 – Contrast

This is going to be a short post for me this week. It’s been one filled with a lot of contrast, it seems. First, on Monday I lost my cellphone in either the parking lot of a grocery store I went food shopping in, or the store itself, and no one decided to return it, and then today, coming home from food shopping again – though my intuition said to stay home and get work done here first – I got a speeding ticket for going 39 in a 25 mph zone. It broke my heart to waste so much money.

The only good thing is I am realizing I am really not missing the cellphone at all – except to be able to make calls on it while out of course.

I sure am grateful I have the master keys this week, I really needed their encouragement, for sure. I can be what I will to be…..and I will persist until I succeed, that’s equally for sure.

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5 thoughts on “Week 15 – Contrast

  1. Ellen L

    Good for you! So many people I know believe they would be lost without their phone, forgetting that they are a convenient and useful tool, but not a life’s necessity. And good for you, too, not letting these hiccups destroy your positive mental attitude!

    1. Ilona Post author

      Yeah, it’s easy to get addicted to them and I surely am/was. It is getting easier with each day, not to feel like I have to check email say at a traffic light. More time to recite our various affirmations! 🙂


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