Week 13 – Effortless shopping and the power of “good enough”

Another busy week – right before Christmas – and another week I worry about my mom, who still seems so weak to me, and has nausea and has not yet gone to the doctor, sadly. So much going on but I wanted to share one or two cool things I noticed this week.

Our dishwasher has been making noises at the start of a cycle – well getting louder than normal. It just entered its teenage years so we were wondering if it needed help and sure enough, the appliance guy said the motor and pump are starting to be affected. He recommended the purchase of a new one. I didn’t like that idea at first because the DW still works well otherwise, and I’ve been anxious about messing with the system because I fear water damage in any new installation. Then it turned out that we can only use short dishwashers because the people who lived here before put in ceramic tile and even cut into two tiles to fit the current one. And then we figured out that there is probably moldy residue that the DW has been incapable of flushing through fully for some time – perhaps due to my obsession with healthy cleaning products of all kinds? When I thought about that I knew I wouldn’t want to use the DW again bc mold is my arch nemesis. My body genetically is unable to detox biotoxins such as the ones stemming from mold anywhere. I told my husband, we didn’t need to get a new one now, but I’d rather hand wash our dishes till we did, with his help (I do the shopping, planning, cooking, he does the dishes). So he agreed.

What is new for me is that normally I get all flustered and anxious when something breaks or needs replacing. We had to invest so much money into my health, and fast rising health care premiums, and a move, over the last 8 years, due to mold or bio-toxin illness, that any new “thing” just adds to my stress. Not this time, not about this. I was just like – OK. We will fix it one way or another, and we are going to be OK, no matter what.

The other “thing” is when anything needs replacing, I usually research and study the best prices, the best machine, and it takes a lot of time. Well, not this time. This time, I asked the repairman, what company he recommends to install it and he referred me to a store in Arlington, VA. They get great reviews, have been in business since 1946: http://www.glebeappliances.com. Well, coincidentally (or not?) today I had an appointment less than half a mile from there and stopped by this store afterwards. A small business, I got to talk to the owner who patiently answered my questions, and placed the order for a DW that would fit our space without having to cut into the tiles again. It’s not the “best” one out there, we will hear the machine, but it’s just fine enough for us, and it’s a reasonable price too. And the installation guy is supposed to be very, very good – which is very important to me. Within less than 30 minutes, I was in and out of there. I did speak to Dabney on Tuesday afternoon a little, too and had talked to my husband about his suggestion, but that was it. I decided to go with what fits, looks good and seems “good enough“, and not do a bunch of research. This must be the quickest transaction of a pretty big purchase I’ve had.

It felt awesome. It felt right. It felt different because as I said I usually spend a lot of time researching, etc. It even felt FREE somehow. And so nice to talk to real people, right there, because the installation guy, Rob, happened to be there too. Yeah, I’m bummed we have another expense now but I want to trust that all will be well, even with our finances. And, I got to support a local, small business to boot…..and I love small businesses, since I run one myself 🙂

Whew. I’m at 700 words so I better leave the second cool part to the next blog. If you read all the way down here, thank you! And Happy Holidays to you….

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3 thoughts on “Week 13 – Effortless shopping and the power of “good enough”

  1. Jim Moll

    Persist and you will succeed, isn’t that what we are reading many times per day. Interesting how theory meets reality!
    Best wishes!


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