Week 12 – Relax, It’s Christmas

….those were the words spoken to me by the sweetest elderly man I came across at the post office this week.

With it being the week before the holidays, of course the post office had a long, long line. So I thought about everything else I had to do, and decided to use the self-serve machine. Long story short, I ended up mixing up two of the labels I printed and put the wrong labels on two…because I was rushing. Of course, I noticed the guy who was behind me in line was already done and gone….I saw him leave. My mental diet went out the window.

I went to see one of the postal workers that now go through the line to help people prepare for being served, to see if the envelopes could be ‘saved’….because I really wasn’t sure. I was feeling guilty – because I’m still a perfectionist….and it all has to perfect. Well, maybe not. The lady managed to ‘save’ and make everything look just fine 🙂

While I was feeling guilty, on the other side of the forms ‘counter’ I was working on with the postal worker, standing in line was this sweet elderly man with a big smile on his face, saying, “Relax! It’s Christmas! It’s only once a year”. It knocked me back into reality and reminded me of the important things. And in that moment, it was not just what I needed to hear – but a precious gift from a perfect stranger! 🙂

And by the way….I have already met my business goals for the month….this year.

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5 thoughts on “Week 12 – Relax, It’s Christmas

  1. Carol Marsocci

    What a sweet story to share Ilona. I love it especially when older people share there wisdom. We can learn so much from them. Enjoy, Carol


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