Week 12 – Green grass grows

This has been another very stressful week. The readings and exercises have become an anchor in addition to a lifeline. I find myself craving them, even if I am not perfect at them, still.

I do feel some change in me. Although I am still quite worried about my mom, pray for her, use the wonderful affirmation, and hope to visit her in the new year, I have more desire to redecorate our house – not just in terms of shapes but in general, to the point I actually took action in our kitchen this week. This is a miracle to me bc I’ve been wanting to start it for some time. I didn’t even do much but enough to make me feel happier every time I’m in the kitchen now. It’s not a big kitchen, but I use it a lot as I cook most meals, and from scratch. And it’s inspired me to do more, yay!

I also love seeing the shapes around the house. I’ve been really drawn to them this week, probably because I need them so much. I want to put up more – with my own writings on them, other than the goals….I love passing them by. And because I walk around a lot in our house, it’s so good to have these written reminders.

I didn’t get much sleep this week because my son got a cold and had trouble sleeping, so I did too. And i’m already sleep deprived, ha. Sadly the bad fatigue didn’t help me be kind to my son when he used a pen to paint all over my favorite chair….and I yelled at him. Ugh. I did make me want to do the exercises even more….

On the cool happenings front, I received some precious, unexpected gifts this week. A friend offered to watch our son while my hubby and I went to his work Christmas party – first time we were away from him at night. He did really well. And I ‘won’ an essential oil blend that I love in a little raffle on Facebook – and I never win anything, LOL. (To the contrary – I have lost a bunch of things in the last couple years, most significantly, my engagement was stolen, I strongly believe by a contractor we hired but never got it back). To the next person this may not be much, but I celebrated these precious gifts. I am indeed in the dynamic flow of giving and receiving! 🙂 and green grass is growing at the end of the desert, indeed. Good night!

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6 thoughts on “Week 12 – Green grass grows

  1. Gloria Britt

    Ilona, I am hoping your son and your mom are doing much better. I love that you crave the readings. That seems like a welcome respite from other stresses. Be well and fix something wonderful in that kitchen. I could use a hearty soup right now myself.

    1. Ilona Post author

      Yes I need the respite. I hope and pray my mom feels better soon, truly. Not yet….and it’s causing me lots of anxiety at times, because it’s my big weakness, and I am so far away, ugh. Thanks so much for your encouragement.

  2. Ivonne

    Green grass, indeed! I often find that when I desire to redo something in the house it is the externalization of all the reorganization and rewiring that’s going on inside of me. It is so great that you are staying faithful to the exercises!

    1. Ilona Post author

      Hm that is a great point. Redoing the house is part of my DMP now, and it’s awesome. I love and need it so much. There is a lot to do. But I am doing it now.

  3. Danny Linkert

    Some challenges are tougher than others, not sure I’d be calm after my chair was painted with ink. LOL
    Congratulations on staying focused to the exercises.
    Go for it and add more shapes! After all it is a time to Celebrate!


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