Week 1 – Back in the Saddle

So it’s week one and I am traveling this week and had to miss the first webinar because I had no wifi access 🙁 but I am so excited to start reading the Masterkey and Og’s amazing words and the BPB and everything else in this wonderful class. I can’t wait to go through this most amazing of classes once more. I took it before and had the great gift of a baby since and have definitely fallen off the wagon…..not making time for me, to meditate, to look into the world within, to really leverage the subconscious, and this summer my mind kept coming back to the MKMMA when I did have a quiet moment and I was thinking of what I could do for myself that would be inspiring and help me grow.

I grew and learned so much last time, I deeply desire to get back in the saddle. I had dreamed of becoming a mom – well, since I was three, basically – but life and some health issues which ate up some precious years of my life and delayed that dream. While there is nothing I enjoy more in life than watching this miracle grow up – I also still deeply desire to grow within myself, to transform my weaknesses into strengths, so I can become a better mom, wife, woman, friend, contributor. And God knows there are lots of challenges to master in this life. And certainly, to not lose myself in doing so much for others – even though I enjoy it deeply. Staying true to myself, making time for me and connecting to my heart are so important to me, and even my body and mind! There is so much to learfile2871273526205n still about my subconscious, my dharma, about who I am. Sometimes I feel like I should already know it all, but I don’t. And I’m learning to be OK with that.

I am also super looking forward to masterminding with others in the group – besides getting to hear the wonderful wisdom throughout the course I also totally love knowing there are hundreds of others on this special journey with me, all over the world. And I get to witness it. So without further ado, here we go…. 🙂

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