Week 2 – The Watchman at the Gate

I am so loving the teachings in this class. I need them, and maybe that is why. In some ways I feel like I have forgotten so much, and in others it feels like riding I haven’t ridden in a while.

This week, the idea of the conscious being the watchman of the gate, the protector of the subconscious, was really driven home to me, once more. I love the clarity of the distinction between the sub- and the conscious: the conscious directs and guards subconscious, and this can reverse conditions in my life. Wow. The subconscious “perceives by intuition”, is fast, and proves nothing. It just accepts what it’s fed by our conscious mind. This is so key for me because I need to remember to watch what thoughts I allow into my head….focus on truth, on the positive – not erroneous thoughts. I need to employ my watchman, my conscious mind.

This is so key because the subconscious is where my power is, and if it’s not running the right program, I can’t be successful. And because the subconscious never rests or sleeps, just like the blood or the heart, I need to make sure it’s running the right programs…

This is why I so much love the encouragement of the MKMMA to keep up with the exercises, so I can rebuild my conscious mind where my thinking is faulty, to create new, healthy habits, to think for myself, to not accept what others want me to think or do, but to truly connect with the deepest part of me and live from THERE, because that is where my power lies.

The subconscious is so amazing….this week the MK mentioned too how our subby preserves our life, restores our health….and helps us take care of our offspring – which fascinated me since I now have that great gift and I have been amazed at how much I have needed to rely on my intuition, because in parenting my first child, it seems like each day something new is happening, and I often have no clue what to do – I simply do what my heart seems to lead me to do.

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