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I am so excited to be part of this journey and will forever be thankful for my friend Heather for sharing this amazing seminar. I feel totally aligned with what I’ve been learning so far. It feels deeply right and I feel so connected to the teachings. It also helps that I’m a quintessential nerd who loves to study and learn… if I could, I’d be in some kind of school program forever. 🙂

I’ve been a health coach for a number of years now and love that, because I always learn something new. My passion to learn and study nutrition and healthy living in general started in many years ago. After a bout of pneumonia, the MD’s couldn’t help me with severe fatigue issues after the Antibiotics treatment, and I ended up figuring out the solutions myself. Ever since, I have been totally in love with learning how the body works, including my own. Each day, it seems I get to know it a little bit more. A more recent education has been meditating…and learning the tools to deeply relax, which I continually need to work on, because all the things I am learning keep pulling me out of my body and into my head. 🙂

Besides that I love exploring nature near and far, being out in it, my husband, my precious little boy, and any animal that is friendly and doesn’t bite or hurt me. I adore photography and have a deep desire to get really good at it, and above all, learn more features of my own camera. I also love to cook, of course, with healthy, whole foods. I love studying and being in tune with nature, and I love to write. It feels quite funny to share personal things on the world wide web, but I am getting used to it.

Gardening, and especially growing vegetables is another hobby of mine. It is so miraculous to watch little plants grow, if they’re not eaten up by birds, squirrels and other critters, of course.

So anyway I think that’s enough about me….for now. Thanks again for stopping by. I’d love to hear from you – and check out your blog too!

P.S. The precious animals in the header for this blog are three very special friends of mine: Maggie, Andy and Dipstick 🙂


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